• Xinerama on Ubuntu 6.10 with open source driver
    Computer/linux 2007.03.06 01:09

    For ubuntu 8.04 see 2008/12/17 - [computer/linux] - xorg.conf with an external monitor

    Five days ago, I was so boring to understand one textbook about beam physics. Then I just upgraded my Ubuntu 6.06 to 6.10 with update-manager -c -d command.  Roughly one hour later, I totally realized what the stupid thing I did. Fortunately, my old ROOT GUI,  GEANT4 program, and tools were worked fine. But my dual head configuration did not work very well. I found fgrlx driver worked fine except a strange square mouse cursor, which ate my screen, on the external monitor. Definitely Digging into xorg.conf was starting........ T__T

    Whatever methods which I found on the web did not work on my machine.After I lost three days to understand the xorg.conf file, finally everything works fine. Not MergedFB but xinerama method. MergedFB method did not work for me. That gave me the wrong resolution on the external monitor.

    • Specifications
      • Samsung R50
      • 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon Mobility X700 (PCIE) (result of "lspci")
      • Ubuntu 6.10 (OS)
      • VGA driver "radeon" (open source driver)
      • Laptop LCD (Resolution:1280x800, HorizSync:28-64, VertRefresh:43-60)
      • External Flat LCD/TFT(?) : Dell E177FPf (Resolution:1280x1024, HorizSync: 30-81,        VertRefresh:56-76)
    • What I want
      • When I boot up my ubuntu 6.10 without external VGA cable, only single LCD works.
        • After boot up, when I extend my scrren with xinerama option, just connect VGA cable. And restart server.
      • When I boot up my ubuntu with an external VGA cable, xinerama option works with two different resolution monitors.

    Here is my xorg.conf file

    more.. xorg.conf

    In the configuration file, most important line is   Option          "MonitorLayout"         "LVDS, AUTO"  in "Device" Section.  Ubuntu forum said "LCD, CRT" ,"LVDS, CRT", "CRT,CRT", or whatever combination were recommended. But All combination failed for me.
    Only possible option is "LVDS,AUTO".

    Here is /var/log/Xorg.0.log  with grep EE and WW

    more.. Xorg.0.log

    I have no time to solve this. Just ignore DRI configuration.

    This was Bug #22985 . It was solved with xserver-xorg-video-ati-1:6.6.3-2ubuntu3.

    MergedFB also works but I must do some tricky thing.
    1. boot up my laptop with the xinerama configuration file.
    2. 1 can activate the external monitor.
    3. change xorg.conf with xmergedFB file
    4. restart gdm.
    5. more.. xorg.conf with MergedFB

    Here is the screenshot.
    사용자 삽입 이미지

    And /var/log/Xorg.0.log files

    more.. Xorg.0.log

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      Unfortunately, after hibernating, Xinerama setup did not work correctly. External monitor had a black screen. What a life!

      2007.03.08 02:38 신고
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