So, finally, LIGO measures the gravitational waves [0]! One might wonder how long they take to measure them. I don't know when they started as in conceptual design stage. But I know that their activity in EPICS collaboration started from 1996 [1]. This kind of truly basic science research activity NEVER be in S.Korea. They are supported more than 20 years to measure "Gravitational Waves" without any results.

In addition, I really like to hear that EPICS is a fundamental part of their control system [2].

Thank you, EPICS collaborators, for your endless coding, discussing, and developing. I really like to be one of EPICS collaboration members.


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연구소 도서관에서 재미 있어 보이는 주제의 변역서를 발견했다.

소프트웨어 아키텍트가 알아야할 97가지

라는 번역서였다.

원서를 찾아 읽으려다 짬이 날때 마다 틈틈히 읽으려 그냥 번역서로 읽기 시작한 10분후 답답한 번역한글에 거부감이 원 저자들의 지혜를 방해 하고 있는 것을 깨달았다.  곧바로 시작된 원서 찾기...   그리고 compiled 된 pdf 화일들...    a Creative Commons Attribution 3  라이센스라 공유함에 어려움이 없을 듯하다.

대한민국의 교육중에 가장 잘못된 교육은 국어 교육이란 생각이 든다.  한국어를 가지고 생각을 글들을 잘 표현하는 법을 배운 적이 없다.  그래서 답답한 번역 한글이 나오는 것 같다.

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what is my job

Coffee 2014.06.27 14:03
Politicians keep saying that they know people are "frustrated." If they really understood, however, they wouldn't use that word. Frustrated is waiting on line for a film; it's a slow-moving train. The feelings here go much deeper. People aren't "frustrated." They are dead. They are dying; the scales have fallen from their eyes. I remember what Dr. Tectonidis told me in Niger, about the mothers in the intensive card ward. "They don't want your sympathy," he said, "they want you to do your job."

- Anderson Copper, Dispatches from the edge. 

What is my job here and now in the no-hope country and no-hope community?

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