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    old memories/old blog 2005.08.01 21:34
    Recently,I have my backbone problem, actually I don't know what kind of problem I have and I have to believe doctors, but the doctors who I can meet in Germany does not give much good faith. They send me a place where I have physical therapy. Unfortunately, two physical therapists who I have meet also give me the same feeling. Officially I can be under the treatment during 30 minutes. But they did not do it and spent around 15- 20 minutes, and said to me "OK, that's it. Bye".

    My health insurance company will pay for this treatment. I also pay for it to the insurance company. In this idiotic health insurance system, no one can really care about the human being.

    A long time ago, I believed that Germany was a advanced country. And one question can be spring from my heart. "What does mean an advanced country?" "Is Germany really an advanced country?"

    I read one article about the life of German. This article was written by "Gin Jung Gun". He explained the virtual situation of car accident. When car accident happens in Germany, two guys meet each others to say "Guten Tag", which means"Good day" and share the address and so on. After that, the left thing can be covered by their insurance.

    I had one car accident in Germany. I saw several car accidents. But I never meet the same situations which he described. I saw many ugly faces and heard too much slanders, and finally call the police, who decides which side have a guilty. My experience gave me some disagreement with the above article.

    The life of a stranger gives me one realization that all human life isthe same on Earth. There is no better place which I live.

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