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Computer/linux 2017.10.22 07:01

Sometime, I would like to remove what I push into the git branch, in that case, the following two steps can give me a way to do so..

1) check the hash if you want to revert....

2) git push -f origin hash_id_if_you_want_to_rever:branch_name

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posted by citadel
  • modify .gitmodule to change the new url in .gitmodules

    [submodule "epics-modules/mrfioc2"]
        url = https://github.com/epics-modules/mrfioc2
  • run git submodule sync

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posted by citadel

The original repository :  https://github.com/EuropeanSpallationSource/snmp-nscl

The new repository : https://github.com/ESSICS/snmp-nscl

The original repository should have only one master, the new repository should be created via "github".

$git clone https://github.com/EuropeanSpallationSource/snmp-nscl
$cd snmp-nscl/
$git fetch origin
$ git remote add new-origin https://github.com/ESSICS/snmp-nscl
$ git push --all new-origin
$ git push --tags new-origin
$ git remote rm origin
$ git remote rename new-origin origin
$ git push --set-upstream origin master

The original repository could be deleted later.

If an original repository has branches, it would be better to check the following original reference.


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posted by citadel