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2007/10/30 - [computer/linux] - Trouble eps file created by AutoCAD in LaTeX

The above post described the troubled eps file created by AutoCAD.
It could not be opened by gv with an old version gs.

The reason why the eps file was so ugly and was not read correctly by gv the default Binary Tokenize PostScript code option of the PostScript Level 2.

Deactivate  Tokenize PostScript and Compression option, then the eps file can be read by emacs.

Properties -> Custom properties ->  Printer Control -> Binary Tokenize PostScript code (level 2 feature)

All lines are too thick on the screen and the paper.

Open *.eps file by emacs,  change the following line
6 setlinewidth 1 setlinecap 1 setlinejoin
3 setlinewidth 1 setlinecap 1 setlinejoin .

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See the new post which might be what you want to find.
2008/01/30 - [computer] - eps file by AutoCAD


There is an blank page, which include the eps file that is created by AutoCAD, in ps file, which is created by LaTeX.

I installed three different gs on my linux. It can be change by the following message:

# update-alternatives --config gs

There are 3 alternatives which provide `gs'.

  Selection    Alternative
 +        1    /usr/bin/gs-esp
          2    /usr/bin/gs-gpl
*         3    /usr/bin/gs-afpl

Press enter to keep the default[*], or type selection number: 3

With gs-afpl, AutoCAD eps file or LaTeX ps file can be good. The eps file is open with emacs with unexpected long time. But I can't understand the content.

사용자 삽입 이미지

There are is a lot of ugly numbers. Probably AutoCAD does not like the end user can edit that file.

I don't like the above ugly eps file.

After eps2eps autocad.eps output.eps, the eps file can be open with emacs more easily.

사용자 삽입 이미지

This eps file is used in whatever gs you use.
eps2eps returns wrong bounding box information. It will be correct the old post: 2007/05/13 - [computer/linux] - How to create a stand alone eps file by using pstricks

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