The original disk space was 20 GiB, so windows keep asking me that they need a space.  I found the web site And follow what he did, and got the 50 GiB disk space.

~/.VirtualBox/HardDisks$ VBoxManage modifyhd

VBoxManage modifyhd         <uuid>|<filename>
                            [--type normal|writethrough|immutable|shareable|
                            [--autoreset on|off]
                            [--resize <megabytes>|--resizebyte <bytes>]
~/.VirtualBox/HardDisks$ ls
Debian7.vdi  win7_data.vdi  win7.vdi

~/.VirtualBox/HardDisks$ VBoxManage modifyhd  win7.vdi --resize 51200


After restarting Win 7, 

Computer -> [Right mouse] management (G) -> Disk management  -> Right mouse on  [C:]  (one can see the empty space after [C:] ->  Volume expand (X) -> And following their explanation. 

See what I got. (Korean Windows)

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0) turn off VirtualBox

1) xterm 
(Host OS)

[] VBoxManage sharedfolder add "winxp" -name "vboxdata" -hostpath "/home/jhlee/vboxguest/"

  •     vboxdata is the name which is used in the directory name of the guest OS.
  •     vboxguest must be created by the user with "mkdir ~/vboxguest"
2) cmd (Guest OS)

> net use e: \\vboxsvr\vboxdata

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Host OS : Ubuntu Linux 8.04 64bit or Debian 6 64bit
Guest OS : Win xp sp3

On the Win xp,

add printer -> network printer...

ML-1610 is the printer name

find the right driver for your printer...

test it.

reference :

Note that sometimes, I cannot use the above method, in that case, instead of, use the host ip address instead of For example, the host ip address is

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