• yum install mysql.i386 mysql-devel.i386


  • extract mysql++ source into /home/softwares/
  • ln -s /home/softwares/mysql++- /opt/mysql++
  • cd /opt/mysql++
  • ./configure --prefix=/opt/mysql++


  • make
  • make install
  • add the following in .tcshrc or .bashrc


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It is an annoying distribution for a normal user to install "xpdf, gv, CRAN, and etc" . After spending several days to look for an additional repository, I finally found http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/EPEL

After installing small package, I finally can install xpdf ...

http://rpmfusion.org/RPM Fusion

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# umount /media/usb-vfat/
umount: /media/usb-vfat: device is busy
umount: /media/usb-vfat: device is busy

# fuser -a /media/usb-vfat/
/media/usb-vfat/:    12832c 12833c
 -a        display unused files too

# fuser -k /media/usb-vfat/
/media/usb-vfat/:    12832c 12833c
-k        kill processes accessing the named file


check alll processes using "usb-atom"

# /sbin/fuser -m /media/usb-atom/
/media/usb-atom/:     5098c

# ps aux |grep 5098
xxxx     5098  0.0  0.0   5744  1896 ?        Ts   08:59   0:00 -csh

# kill -9 5098

# umount /media/usb-vfat/

* note that /sbin/fuser is for RHEL5.3

reference : http://www.idevelopment.info/data/Unix/General_UNIX/GENERAL_Troubleshootingthedeviceisbusy.shtml
posted by citadel