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    Computer/linux 2008.02.06 23:08
    This is old post and the new post is 2008/12/17 - [computer/linux] - xorg.conf with an external monitor

    Today, I installed the ATI Catalyst 8.1 Proprietary Linux x86 display driver by using http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Edgy_Installation_Guide.

    However, it still suffers from the wrong resolution on the external TFT display if the mode of the LCD(LVDS) is different to the mode of the TFT(usually CRT1, but AUTO is a better choice).

    I decied to keep using the open source driver (radeon) and just modified xorg.conf file slightly.

    more.. xorg.conf


    a little modified xorg.conf file

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    modified xorg.conf file  (0) 2008.02.06
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