# http://www.fvwm.org/documentation/faq/#3.18

*FvwmEvent-NewWindow: StartDelay 4
*FvwmEvent-NewWindow: add_window FuncFocusWindow

DestroyFunc FuncFocusWindow
AddToFunc   FuncFocusWindow
#+ I ThisWindow ("My Window") Move 200p 100p
+ I Focus
+ I WarpToWindow

AddToFunc StartFunction I FvwmEvent FvwmEvent-NewWindow

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There are a ugly font size and a default theme of Pidgin, Gedit, and firefox .....
with FVWM

In .fvwmrc file,

AddToFunc StartFunction
+ I Module FvwmAnimate
+ I Module FvwmButtons
+ I Module FvwmAuto 500 Raise Nop
+ I Module FvwmBacker
+ I Exec exec xsetbg -fullscreen ~/Photos/background/result.jpg
+ I Test (Init) Exec exec  gnome-settings-daemon --sm-disable

can handle GTK+ theme and font size well.

But, I don't want to execute gnome-settings-daemon with FVWM.

Create ~/.gtkrc-2.0 file and add the following line

include "/usr/share/themes/Clearlooks/gtk-2.0/gtkrc"
style "default"
  font_name = "Malgun Gothic 12"
class "*" style "default"
Then restart gdm.

Clearlooks is a theme name which I want to use. Malgun Gothic is the font name.
They were installed in my Ubuntu.  The font size 12 can make the more ugly font size
of the firefox. The old post can solve this problem  2007/08/27 - [computer/linux] - Firefox ugly font size with Xfce4 .

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Move to FVWM2...

Computer/linux 2007.12.12 04:40
xfce4 has a lot of bugs, gnome is too slow, and fvwm has cold-blooded.
There is no window manager which I like.

I hate few degree of freedom in MS windows,
but Linux has a lot, thus I lost my way.

One day, and half day. finally I move to the fvwm2.

For laziness, keyboard bindg key settings are

버그 투성이인 xfce4를 떠났다, gnome는 너무 느리고... Fvwm는 불친절하다.

어느하나 맘에 드는 윈도 메니저가 없다.

윈도는 자유도가 너무 없어짜증나고,
리눅스는 자유도가 너무많아 길을 잃어버린다..

하루 더하기 반나절을 시간동안 결국 원하는 설정을 만들기 위해 삽질한 결과..
fvwm으로 넘어 왔다. 아.. 가볍다.......빠르다....
그래도 불친절 하다...ᄒᄒᄒᅠ

마우스를 적게 사용하기 위해 키보드 설정

# F1 Fvwm restart
Key F1         A N Restart
# Super_L(R) (right(left) win key)
Key Super_R A N Exec exec xterm
Key Super_L A N Exec exec firefox

# Alt-Fn to go to a specific page (like on the Linux console)
# M means Alt
Key 1  A M GotoPage 0 0
Key 2  A M GotoPage 1 0
Key 3  A M GotoPage 2 0
Key 4  A M GotoPage 3 0
Key 5  A M GotoPage 4 0
Key 6  A M GotoPage 0 1
Key 7  A M GotoPage 1 1
Key 8  A M GotoPage 2 1
Key 9  A M GotoPage 3 1
Key 0  A M GotoPage 4 1

# Move "activate one" to a specific page
Key 1  A C Pick MoveToPage 0 0
Key 2  A C Pick MoveToPage 1 0
Key 3  A C Pick MoveToPage 2 0
Key 4  A C Pick MoveToPage 3 0
Key 5  A C Pick MoveToPage 4 0
Key 6  A C Pick MoveToPage 0 1
Key 7  A C Pick MoveToPage 1 1
Key 8  A C Pick MoveToPage 2 1
Key 9  A C Pick MoveToPage 3 1
Key 0  A C Pick MoveToPage 4 1

# Ctrl+Arrows to move between pages
# CM means Ctrl+Alt
Key   Left   A   CM   GotoPage -1p 0p
Key   Right  A   CM   GotoPage +1p 0p
Key   Up     A   CM   GotoPage 0p -1p
Key   Down   A   CM   GotoPage 0p +1p

# some simple default mouse bindings:
#   for the root window:
Mouse 1 R       A       Menu MenuFvwmRoot Nop
Mouse 2 R       A       Menu MenuFvwmWindowOps Nop
Mouse 3 R       A       WindowList

#   for the title bar buttons:
Mouse 0 1       A       Menu MenuFvwmWindowOps2 Close
Mouse 0 2       A       Maximize
# before FuncFvwmMaximize was used instead of Maximize, but didn't work properly...
Mouse 0 3       A       Stick
Mouse 0 4       A       Iconify

#   for other parts of the window/borders/icons:
Mouse 1 F       A       FuncFvwmResizeOrRaise
Mouse 1 T       A       FuncFvwmMoveOrRaise
Mouse 1 S       A       FuncFvwmResizeOrRaise
Mouse 1 I       A       FuncFvwmMoveOrIconify
Mouse 2 I       A       Iconify
Mouse 2 FST     A       Menu MenuFvwmWindowOps2 Nop
Mouse 3 TSIF    A       RaiseLower

스타일 정의 :
Definition of Styles

MenuStyle * BorderWidth 2
MenuStyle * PopupAsSubmenu, HoldSubmenus, SubmenusRight
MenuStyle * ItemFormat "%|%5.5i%1.3l%2.3>%|"
MenuStyle * VerticalItemSpacing 1 1, VerticalTitleSpacing 2 2
MenuStyle * MenuColorset 6
MenuStyle * Font "StringEncoding=UTF-8:xft:Sans:Bold:pixelsize=12:minispace=True:antialias=True"

# Predefined Colorset from 0 - 39 for FVWM
# http://fvwm-themes.sourceforge.net/doc/colorsets
# http://www.pitt.edu/~nisg/cis/web/cgi/rgb.html
Colorset 100 fg black, bg rgb:46/82/b4, Plain, NoShape #SteelBlue
Colorset 101 fg black, bg rgb:00/64/00, Plain, NoShape #DarkGreen
Colorset 102 fg black, bg rgb:ff/ba/b9, Plain, NoShape #DarkGreen
Colorset 103 fg black, bg rgb:cd/5c/5c, Plain, NoShape #IndianRed
Colorset 104 fg black, bg rgb:d2/69/1e, Plain, NoShape #chocolate

# default Styles:
Style *           Font       "StringEncoding=UTF-8:xft:Bitstream:style=Bold:pixelsize=12:minispace=True:antialias=True"
Style *           SelFont    "StringEncoding=UTF-8:xft:MalgunGothic:style=Bold:pixelsize=12:minispace=True:antialias=True"
Style *           StatusFont "StringEncoding=UTF-8:xft:MalgunGothic:style=Bold:pixelsize=12:minispace=True:antialias=True"
Style *           IconFont   "StringEncoding=UTF-8:xft:Tahoma:style=Normal:size=11:minispace=True:antialias=True"
#Style *           IconFont    "xft:Bitstream Vera Sans Mono:style=Roman:size=10:minispace=True:antialias=True"
Style *           HilightColorset 104
Style *           BorderWidth 1, HandleWidth 4
Style *           SmartPlacement
Style *           MWMFunctions, MWMDecor, HintOverride
Style *           DecorateTransient, NoPPosition
Style *           FocusFollowsMouse
Style *           TileCascadePlacement
Style *           IconBox screen w 15 15 -165 -15, IconGrid 3 3, IconFill right top

Style "*" UseDecor TitleButtonDeco

DestroyDecor TitleButtonDeco
AddToDecor   TitleButtonDeco
+ TitleStyle  RightJustified Height 16
+ TitleStyle -- Raised
+ BorderStyle Simple

# Styles for various Fvwm modules:
Style Fvwm*        NoTitle,  Sticky, WindowListSkip
Style FvwmPager    StaysOnTop, IgnoreRestack, NoTitle, Sticky
Style FvwmButtons  Icon toolbox.xpm, ClickToFocus, NoTitle, Sticky
Style "Fvwm*"      Icon toolbox.xpm, NoTitle, NoHandles, Sticky

# Styles for your common terminal emulator programs.
# xterms and rxvts in a separate icon box:
Style xterm       Icon GNOME-Terminal-BabyTux.png

# Styles for various common programs:
Style xosview       NoTitle, Sticky, BorderWidth 0, NoHandles,StaysOnTop
Style emacs        Icon gnome-emacs.png
Style ghostview    Icon ghostview.xpm
Style firefox      Icon firefox.png

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