Bad luck follows me

Coffee 2008.05.08 21:09
When I withdrew 500,- EUR from ATM of Mainzer Volksbank eG  at the Mainz university,
I only got 450,-EUR. In addition, one 50,-EUR bill was damaged. The record of the bank account said that I withdrew 500,- EUR.

I wondered how this happen on the bank machine and I worried about that I cannot prove this situation myself.

I visited the bank to explain the problems. They changed the damaged 50,-EUR, but they said to me they need a time to check their system.

One week later, today, I went to the bank. They said that I probably did some mistakes.

I guess they didn't check their system and I think they believe that the machine is 100% correct. But, I don't believe it. OK, I have no way to prove it. Thus, I just have to accept it. Eventually I lost 50,- EUR.  Bad luck seems to follow me.

Does anyone have the same experience which I had?

What can I do in the situation?

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