imagemagick can do almost everything .....

convert -thumbnail widthxheight a.png a.thumbnail.png

  • convert -thumbnail 120 a.png a.thumb.png    (width 120px)
  • convert -thumbnail 120x120 a.png a.thumb.png   (width/height 120px)
  • convert -thumbnail x120 a.png a.thumb.png (height 120px)

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posted by citadel
How to do screenshot with ImageMagick in the xterm.

$ import screenshot.png

$ import -frame screenshot.png

  • The above command changes the mouse icon (cross symbol)
  • choose the window you want to make the screenshot.
  • -frame option includes window manager frame

$ import -window root screenshot.png
  • screenshot with all screens and windows...

more detailed infos about import:

You shoud install the ImageMagick programe before.

posted by citadel