Since my doctor degree is the experimental nuclear physics, many friends ask me about "Radiation Rumor" recently in S.Korea's Atmosphere. Honestly, I have no idea about this, because my working experience was to study "strange sea-quark contribution to the structure of the nucleon" and "the weak charge of the proton". You have no idea, right? :)

I think, most of my friends and my family have no idea what I've done. Still, no one understands what I am doing at Rare Isotope Science Project now.

Anyway, I found one of friends' facebook to mention about this rumor. The picture on his link I quickly looked at said to me the situation is more dangerous than what I thought. However, after I look carefully at the picture (plot), I find the Legend of this picture is "centimeter" which has no meaning to explain "Radiation level", which I naively think. So I google it to find the reliable resource of this plot. So I find. Clearly, that is NOT the radiation level, BUT the Tsunami model forecast. They misuse the plot in order to exaggerate their argument.

The content of the original source is more reliable, because it is Reuters. And the misused or plot from NOT reliable blogs makes me uncomfortable for a while.

Thank Google and Internet!
0) There is a presentation file has useful information at

1) NOT GOOD source : misused the picture (plot) at

2) Reliable source :

3) I guess , the origin of this plot was published at
But I cannot access it, because it requires "money".

I am looking for the detailed radiation information of Fukushima from now on.

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