• swissguy 2008.03.28 23:13 신고

    Thanks for this great script. But there is a small bug in the regexp. The Bbox can also contain negative numbers, in which case the compiled regular expressions won't replace the BBox string.
    To fix it replace in the syntax_* variables '[\d ]+' with '[\-\d ]+'

  • Favicon of BlogIcon G. 2007.11.03 12:16 신고

    초대장 잘 받고
    티스토리의 매력에 빠져가고 있답니다 :)
    초대장 보내주셔서 감사합니다~

  • john 2007.09.19 07:23 신고

    Jeepsanim, it's so good to know you. It's been blessing for me. My prayer and blessings from God goes with you. He is there with you. Hang in there!

  • 루카스 2007.08.14 07:28 신고

    늘 그 마음으로 .......저도 그 마음으로 .......
    가까이 있지만 멀리있고, 어쩔수 없는 , 하지만 늘 그 마음으로..
    살고 싶네요. 잘 보고 갑니다.

  • Favicon of BlogIcon 배고픈렉스 2007.07.21 23:57 신고

    랜덤타고 다녀갑니다^^
    항상 행복하세요~
    꾸벅(' ')(. .)

  • gsyang 2006.12.16 06:44 신고

    There was the Christmas party of our institute. For 2 and half hours, I've been talking with several persons, including Prof.Goeke. but.. a little boring. Anyway,
    I'm looking for seeing you, your family and the another Lee's. Have a nice weekend ^^

  • gsyang 2006.12.06 22:23 신고

    채점 다 했어요... 으.. 몇일동안이나 한 건지. .원.. ..
    열나 피곤해서 죽을거 같애요.. ㅜ.ㅜ

  • gsyang 2006.11.04 03:26 신고

    Wow, Was ist das? It seems so great~!!!. Anyway I am the first visitor. ^^