Confidence Interval (CI)
describes the uncertainty in $\bar Y$ as an estimate of $\mu$, where $\bar Y$ is the sample mean and $\mu$ the population(true) mean
  • 95% CI means that the true mean value will be inside this interval with 95% probability
  • Suppose repeated samples of Y_i are taken of the same size and at the same fixed values of X as were used to determine the fitted line above. Then of all the 95% CIs constructed for the mean value of Y for a given value of X, $X_0$ say, 95% of these intervals will contain the true value of this mean value of Y at $X_0$
Prediction Interval (PI)
describes the uncertainty in $\bar x$ as an estimate of the next measurement value.
95% PI means that next measurement value will be in the interval with 95% probability

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